A summary of the Domestic Abuse Bill 2019-2021 is on the parliamentary website as follows:
‘To make provision in relation to domestic abuse; to make provision for and in connection with the establishment of a Domestic Abuse Commissioner; to prohibit cross-examination in person in family proceedings in certain circumstances; to make provision about certain violent or sexual offences, and offences involving other abusive behaviour, committed outside the United Kingdom; and for connected purposes’.
The Bill has already had its 1st and 2nd reading in the House of Commons. It has now reached day 3 of the House of Commons Committee. ‘The Public Bill Committee will consider the Bill and is scheduled to report by Thursday 25 June 2020.
Lockdown provisions during the Covid- 19 pandemic has highlighted the plight of many vulnerable people both men and women suffering abuse be it verbal, physical, mental or economic. There is a real need for this Bill to be progressed and passed as soon as possible.
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