Unfortunately, several partners (male and female) can experience abuse, during and after a relationship has broken down. This can include harassment, physical, verbal, emotional, mental or psychological abuse and controlling behaviour which can be very hurtful; emotionally draining and can affect your work and wellbeing. You do not need to suffer in silence. Urgent steps can be taken to protect you and your children.

We can offer you urgent, practical and legal advice specific for your personal situation. We will discuss with you the urgent court applications that can be made and the court orders that can be obtained (often at short notice), to protect you and your children and to give you a peace of mind.

Our advice can include:

  • Protection for you and your family– How to protect you and your children. What court orders can be obtained to protect you and your children including Injunctions- Non Molestation and Occupation Orders; zonal and stay away orders; non harassment and restraining orders,the duration of orders and Undertakings.
  • Access to worldwide professionals to assist you– Information and introductions to other organisations and counsellors that can assist you depending on yours and your family’s needs

Furthermore, we can introduce you to other organisations and counsellors locally, nationwide and worldwide that can assist you depending on your needs.

Located in close proximity to the Central Family Court and the High Court in London, we are best placed to make urgent applications when required, often at short notice.


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