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England and Wales- Proposal- Marriage Certificate changes

Marriage Certificate changes to the content and format are being proposed in England and Wales. The House of Commons Briefing paper deals with the proposed changes which include both parents details for each party being entered onto the Marriage certificate and not just the Father's, and a digital the marriage certificate being available in digital [...]

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Brexit and Family Law

The Covid-19 pandemic has shifted everyone's focus to trying to stay safe during this pandemic and waiting for a cure or vaccination as we go about day to day life. However, the implication and effects of Brexit in many areas including Family Law are in the background and fast approaching. The MOJ has published guidance [...]

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Think about the children

Think about the children. I have always encouraged clients to have a child focused appproach to separation and divorce. The report of the Family Solutions Group highlights how important it is for not only the parents but also for the professionals working with the families to have a child focused approach. It is ' encouraging [...]

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SBP Law is taking part in the 10X Challenge to raise funds for charity

The 10X challenge to raise funds for the most vulnerable in society takes place today. Usually there is an anual 10k walk/ run in London. This year, in view of the Covid-19 pandemic the mass 10k run cannot take place so the SBP Law Team for the 10X challenge will be doing it 'our way' [...]

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‘End of Blame Game’- now the waiting game

How long will it be before the 'No fault divorce' system can be used?There has been much publicity that parties will now be able to apply for a divorce without having to give a list of reasons against the other party as to why a divorce should be granted. Parties who wished to proceed in [...]

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Nightingale Courts to be set up – Press release on the 19th July 2020 by HMCTS, the MOJ and The Rt Hon Robert Buckland QC MP

During the pandemic we have had the ‘Nightingale Hospital’ set up. Now we are to have Nightingale courts. So far 10 sites have been proposed to ‘host’ the ‘Nightingale Courts’. It is hoped that more suitable locations can be found in England and Wales so that this number can increase.The press release states that:‘This will [...]

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How does the court propose to recover as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic?

On the st July 2020, a response was published by HMCourts and Tribunals Service to concerns as to how the court proposes to recover as a result of  Covid-19. The court service has had to be fast tracked into dealing with matters in the 21st Centuary and making more use of technology including remote hearings [...]

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No fault divorce – Press release from the MOJ on the 26th June 2020

"Blame game" to end as Divorce Bill receives Royal Assent. It is now official. there will be a No fault divorce system in England. The press release from the MOJ and the Rt. Hon. Robert Buckland QC MP on the 26th June 2020 confirms the position including that: 'The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act will: [...]

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Press release from MOJ on the 26th June 2020- Victims of domestic abuse – Emergency funding for organisations

Press release from MOJ on the 26th June 2020‘£22 million emergency coronavirus funding for more than 540 sexual violence and domestic abuse charitiesVictims of domestic abuse and sexual violence are benefiting from £22 million of emergency funding to help organisations providing support during the pandemic.’For further information see:

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