What are they?

These are Agreements for couples who do not wish to marry, but require the peace of mind that they have a document in place showing their intentions in relation to various matters including the finances, property, assets, pensions, any businesses and the children.

The term common law wife/ common law partner is misleading as Cohabitees do not have the same legal rights as a married Partner. It is therefore very important to seek independent legal advice and to have a document in place to clarify the couple’s understanding and wishes. What will happen if a non-married couple separate to the property they have been living in if it is in the sole name of one of the partners? If there is no document to show the intention of the parties and there is a disagreement about this, it could result in very expensive litigation which would also be stressful.

We can discuss your requirements and options in order to offer you the maximum protection if you are looking to live and cohabit with someone. In the event that you do not have a Cohabitation Agreement and you wish to separate and to find out your legal rights and what to do next, we can advise you.

What are the costs of a Cohabitation Agreement?

We tailor make the Agreement specifically for you and would be able to provide you with a quotation once we know your requirements. We are also happy to provide an initial, short, free consultation by telephone without any obligation on your part to discuss your requirements and how best we can assist you.

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