What is a Separation Agreement?

Sometimes a relationship breaks down and the parties have not decided whether they wish to finalise their separation by applying for a divorce but may decide to have a trial separation.

It is advisable that independent legal advice be obtained to ensure you are protected and any intentions that spouses or civil partners are recorded in a document. This document is called a Separation Agreement and it will include agreements as to how any assets are to be divided during the separation period and in the event of a formal permanent separation and divorce. You should have independent legal advice before entering into such a document to avoid your position being prejudiced. A carefully drafted document may give a peace of mind and offer couples the space and time they need to reach decisions about their relationship.

What are the costs of a Separation Agreement?

We will listen to you and your requirements and tailor make the Agreement specifically for you. Once we know your requirements, we would be able to provide you with a quotation.

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