On the st July 2020, a response was published by HMCourts and Tribunals Service to concerns as to how the court proposes to recover as a result of  Covid-19.

The court service has had to be fast tracked into dealing with matters in the 21st Centuary and making more use of technology including remote hearings taking place.

Whilst it has been helpful that the court service has been operational during the Covid-19 pandemic, the courts are stretched to say the least to the extent that emails are not being answered for several weeks and calls are not answered by staff as there is a lack of resources in many courts. Hopefully, as lockdown eases, more staff will return to work in our courts and there will be more use of technology to store and gather information in relation to the cases and court hearings so that this information is more readily available when needed by both the public and practitioners.

A full overview of the response has been published: https://tinyurl.com/yctmt2oa