On the 26th September 2019 The Ministry of Justice published the Family Court Statistics Quarterly, England and Wales, April to June 2019 which shows the ‘activity in the family courts of England and Wales and provides figures for the latest quarter (April to June 2019)’.
These shows inter alia that compared to the same period last year (April to June 2018), the following:
• A decrease in number of cases started in the Family court; down 5% for the same period last year;
• An increase in the average time of divorce proceedings. The mean average time from petition to Decree Nisi was 33 weeks and to Decree Absolute was 58 weeks compared to the equivalent period last year;
• Decrease in the number of divorce petitions being issued;
• Increase in Children Act – Private law applications and number of cases started;
• Increase in the number of domestic violence remedy applications and orders made;
• Adoption applications and orders down following two quarters of increase;
For Family Court Statistics Quarterley: https://tinyurl.com/y6qd25ls
For Guide to the Family Law Statistics: https://tinyurl.com/yy3mtft2