SBP Law was proud to participate with Exterro and Gavin Dodd at the recent prestigious ACEDS Litigation webinar.

A Legal Hold, also known as litigation hold, document hold, hold order, or preservation order, has more commonly been a US term but organisations in the UK and Europe also need to ensure their data preservation practices are effective in mitigating the risk of lost, altered or destroyed evidence in litigation, investigation or disputes.

The Legal Hold process can be the most crucial and important activity within e-discovery. It sets the foundation for the rest of the e-discovery process by defining the set of electronically stored information (ESI) at issue in the legal matter.

Join ACEDS and Exterro on this webinar to explore:

  • The importance of an effective data preservation program
  • 5 tips for establishing a robust Legal Hold process
  • How technology can help solve your data preservation challenges
Gavin Dodd
Gavin Dodd
Data Analytics Consultant
CCL Group Ltd

Gavin is a Data Analytics Consultant at CCL, one of Europe’s leading digital investigation specialists, supporting law enforcement, government, and organisations across both public and private sectors. CCL brings together digital forensics, data analytics, data governance and cyber security to help find, protect and transform data and are backed by a 20-year pedigree that has seen CCL become the digital forensic service provider of choice to the Metropolitan Police, the National Crime Agency and UK police forces.

Dr. Donald Macfarlane
Dr. Donald Macfarlane

Dr. Donald Macfarlane is a partner at SBP Law and has over 15 years’ experience working within large multinationals like IBM, BP and International Law Firms and SME’s including high tech start-ups like Hanzo, LDM and Baku.

SBP Law prides themselves on providing clients with discreet, creative and strategic business advice. SBP represents the interests of corporate and individual clients in fields usually dominated by much larger law firms. SBP Law see themselves as more than just a law firm – they see themselves as a bridge between the client and the law. “The hardest thing to learn is which bridge to cross and which to burn” – David Russell