Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, there is immense pressure on many companies across different sectors of the economy. These are challenging times for businesses and law firms alike – hurdles, unlike anything that they have encountered before.

Law firms have had to adapt and are continuing to adapt. Law firms have probably never had to be so quick or indeed as quickly tested in reality thanks to COVID-19.

Arguably businesses have led the way mainly through the up and coming start-ups working in a novel and innovative ways. Their mantra is – ‘this is how we work, so we expect you as our lawyers to do the same’. Disaster recovery tests have become common as have “pen tests” (i.e. how safe are your systems to protect our data) at probably all law firms.

Many firms have moved whole-sale into the cloud for data storage; often justifying it on security grounds alone. The fact remains that “paper risk” is high, particularly when confidential printouts are sent to the wrong printer or left for days on the side before being shredded.

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